Cihangir Gümüstürkmen examines the underlying meaning of famous works of art, e.g. from the Renaissance, and his own foto collages with a light touch thus revealing his own world view.

In his series
Ecnassianer - paintings in acrylic with mirror film on canvas – he replaces the faces depicted on well-known masterpieces of Renaissance painters with mirror film as for example in da Vinci's 'Lady with Ermine' and Boticelli's 'Birth of Venus'.
This technique places the observer in the centre of the painting – the reflection turns the observer and his surroundings into a part of the work of art.
In his current work the artist uses fotos from different eras in his foto collages which are then painted in oil on canvas. As his family album serves as one of his sources of inspiration he paints himself for example as a child ('My Doll') or his mother and aunt dancing on a lake in Izmir in the 60s ('Dancing on the Lake'). Here he also quotes from the Renaissance. In 'Mona Lisa on Holiday' Mona Lisa's is set in a Hollywood-like swimming pool. Her world-famous smile is consciously submerged in the water. In the background on the left we see an oversized owl that faces the observer with an inquisitive look. On the right a labrador crosses the surface of the water. He seems to look straight into Mona Lisa's eyes. At a furtive glance these combinations appear quite common but looking more closely new aspects are revealed and unexpected associations are evoked.